219 N. Railroad St.
Eagle River, WI 54521
(715) 479-8467

Welcome to Riverstone Restaurant & Tavern

Come as you are and enjoy anything from fresh made artisan hearth breads to from-scratch pizza to wild alaskan salmon!
Ron and Cindy Meinholz, Owners
Jason Meinholz, CEC, Executive Chef

South of the bridge, in historic downtown Eagle River, and . . .
Home of Riverstone Catering


Current RIVERSTONE Hours:

Throughout October, Closed Sundays & Mondays

Open Tuesdays through Saturdays, 5pm - 9pm


Carry-out menu
Riverstone premium pizzas plus everything on the menu
is available for carryout- some items are better suited for this- Just call


Accessible for those that cannot negotiate stairs
Riverstone has an elevator to the main dining room by entering on the
Railroad Street entrance on the West Side


See What's Happening

at Riverstone!

Join us at Riverstone Restaurant and the "Stone Tavern" for
GREAT FOOD,                                                       
                                                         a GREAT TIME!
Riverstone Sunset
- Photo courtesy of Michael Z.

Riverstone Restaurant & Tavern owners Ron and Cindy Meinholz, continue to serve outstanding foods as  they have done for many years!  Ron stated that, “There’s a reason that Riverstone serves more guests for birthdays and anniversaries than just about anyone in the North”.  As Ann Hattes, award-winning food and travel writer stated in Our Wisconsin Magazine, May 2013, “it’s a great example of superb dining found in the Northwoods.  Much of it exceeds that of restaurants in large urban areas”. 

Chef Cindy personally creates true artisan hearth breads…unique in the fact that they are made from scratch with no preservatives or additives.  Her motto has always been “food must look good, taste good, and come out hot!” 

A new Riverstone menu will be rolled out in January called “BEST of the BEST”…Clean, Crisp, Fresh! “ It is a paring down of our present menu to enable us to better serve our guests, while keeping most of the “best” and well-received items”, said Cindy.  We are always mindful of the use of natural, clean foods, many of which are from Wisconsin”, she added.

Riverstone’s sister restaurant Soda Pops will be open Saturdays and Sundays serving 11-3 p.m.  Call 715-479-8467 or go to riverstonerestaurant.com or soda-pops.com

- Vilas County News

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